Why is Plumbing Important: Cairns Plumber Guide for Homeowners

Integral to every home is its plumbing system, primarily responsible for providing clean water and disposing wastes safely. The condition of water pipes, fittings, appliances and water treatment facilities directly affect the health and safety of home occupants, requiring regular checks and maintenance conducted by a licensed Cairns plumber.

cairns plumber

cairns plumber

Function of plumbing

Health protection: People need clean drinking water, free of contaminants and an effective system for removing wastes generated in washing and food preparation areas. Damaged or defective plumbing systems can compromise water quality through the introduction of harmful microorganisms and contaminants.

Drinking or using unclean water can be the leading cause of disease or the agent in the transmission of infectious disease, as seen in SARS. At the height of the SARS outbreak, the World Health Organisation noted that inadequate plumbing may have contributed to the spread of this deadly disease. Moreover, effective waste disposal prevents raw sewerage from backing up into homes and yards. Thus, high quality and efficient Cairns plumber services are vital to the health of the community.

Quality of life: A blocked sink and toilet are common problems that can disrupt home life. Lack of access to a kitchen sink or toilet even for a few hours can cause chaos so that a plumber is called upon immediately for emergency repair.

Home preservation: Water coming from leaks and burst water pipes can cause substantial damage to walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and other home fixtures. In particular, water leaking from hidden pipes can gradually seep into walls, causing corrosion which weakens a home’s structure and diminishes its beauty.

Plumbing maintenance can detect early corrosion and address the problem before a home suffers serious damage. By averting structural damage and preserving a home’s appearance, plumbing works can also increase a home’s resale value.

Water conservation: Australia currently faces severe clean water shortage, particularly in densely populated areas. The increasing water scarcity has prompted a review of reduction of water flow on plumbing and drainage systems.

Traditional sanitary plumbing systems were designed to manage large water volumes such as the 12-litre flush water closets (WC). In their place, the plumbing industry recommends the installation of systems which produce lower toilet flush volumes and other efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Environmental protection: Many cities in Australia now require plumbing systems to meet sustainability criteria for reserve and energy conservation. Such green plumbing practices are designed to reduce wastewater and greenhouse gas emissions.

When you need plumbing

For most of us, it is only when a problem strikes that attention is given to plumbing. However, early installation of high quality plumbing is more cost effective than corrective works since replacing and repairing defective or non-compliant systems can cost much more than the original installation.

Reducing water costs: Consumers are generally charged for water based on their consumption and can save costs through water conservation. Plumbers can perform water audit and identify where and how water can be saved.

cairns plumber sink repairs

cairns plumber sink repairs

Storm water treatment: Treatment plants may not always cope with excess water brought about by storms and floods. As a result, raw sewerage along with storm water containing pollutants may be pumped into the sea or river, causing serious environmental harm. The safer solution is to install a system for trapping initial storm water while allowing remaining storm water to drain off naturally. A licensed Cairns plumber is trained in the correct installation and maintenance of domestic treatment plants used for the safe disposal of household and human waste water and storm water.

Safety after flood: Owners or occupants of properties affected by floods need plumbing services for checking all pipework, fittings and plumbing appliances to ensure that they are fit for use immediately after the local government confirms that water is safe for drinking. Other important plumbing services after a flood include

flushing and cleaning the cistern before using toilets and sanitary fixtures,

servicing a septic tank

checking pipework, fittings and other plumbing appliances for any damage

Plumbing works are vital in:

  • water supply
  • water conservation
  • backflow prevention
  • sanitary drainage
  • hot water system replacement
  • scald protection
  • storm water reticulation
  • urban irrigation
  • roofing and guttering
  • roof ventilation
  • sky lights
  • gas installations
  • water proofing and seepage control
  • medical gases and
  • bathroom and kitchen renovations

Types of plumbing services

Draining includes installation of new drains, relieving blocked drains and the repair and maintenance of pipes and fittings.

Emergency plumbing is ideal for urgent situation such as burst pipes.

Gasfitting works ensure that the gas system is safe to use and does not pose any danger. This includes the installation of gas metres, regulators, valves and burners.

Toilet repairs involve the installation, repair and maintenance of pipes and fittings that are associated with the removal of sewage from the home.

Mechanical services plumbing pertains to heating, cooling and ventilation systems of buildings, such as the installation, removal, repair and maintenance of pipes, valves, regulators, tanks and air conditioning systems.

cairns plumber roof repairs

cairns plumber roof repairs

Roof plumbing involves the installation, renewal, repair and maintenance of roof coverings and roof water systems such as gutters, rainwater piping and downpipes.

Sanitary plumbing includes the installation, repair, renewal and removal of pipes and fittings to receive and convey sewage.

Water plumbing covers the installation, removal, repair and maintenance of pipes and fittings designed to convey hot and cold water.

Choosing a plumber

Existing regulations require a Cairns plumber to obtain a local license for conducting core plumbing activities such as water, sanitary, drainage and gas. Licensing ensures that only a qualified and competent local plumber performs plumbing works and that the plumbing products installed comply with legal rules. It also guarantees that a plumber is highly skilled and trained in the latest technology, Australian Standards and regulations on plumbing and that he adheres to a professional Code of Ethics.



Install the Best in Your Home – Reece Plumbing Cairns

When carrying out home improvements, contractors who use Reece Plumbing Cairns will ensure you have the very best quality products installed when plumbing your home. Whether you’re building a new property or making improvements to an existing home, you want to make sure your improvements will last and add genuine value to your property. A plumber who works with the very best products such as those by Reece Plumbing, will ensure that not only are the products of the highest standard, but also that the workmanship is as well.

 Reece Plumbing

When choosing fixtures and fittings, it is important that you look for products that offer style and durability. This will ensure that your home has the look you want, while also offering quality that will stand the test of time. Reece Plumbing is a company synonymous with quality – the name is recognised throughout Australia and products from Reece have been installed in bathrooms around the country for over 90 years.

Finding a plumber who can install these quality products with care will ensure you have a functional, beautiful bathroom – not only making it a pleasure to use, but also adding value to your home.

 Professional Plumbers

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom in an existing property, or you’re looking for someone to install a bathroom in a new home, then you may find it useful to understand the term ‘professional plumber’. This is a term that describes a plumber with extensive experience and a great reputation. A professional Cairns plumber will provide excellent workmanship when plumbing your home, as well as using the best materials.

If you plan to use quality products, Reece Plumbing Cairns plumbers will provide high quality service and install the very best products.

Reece Plumbing Cairns Plumber

Reece Plumbing Cairns Plumber

Finding the right Local Plumber

Hiring a contractor who is a experienced and licensed plumber means you can have confidence that they are highly experienced and that they will use the best products to install plumbing systems and fixtures. If you’re not sure where to start looking, you may want to speak with family or friends, or go online to find the plumber with the expertise you need.

Finding a Reece Plumbing Cairns plumber will mean you can get the best Reece products installed in your home, and be confident that the money you spend on improvements will be reflected in an increase in the value of your home.

How An Experienced Roof Plumber Can Help ‘Green’ Your Home

Cairns Plumber Roof Plumber

Cairns Plumber Roof Plumber

Just as the name indicates, a roof plumber is someone who works on the plumbing that deals with the water that runs off of the roof of the home. These plumbers work on things such as the repair and installation of gutters, downpipes and roof or wall flashings. With the limited water resources available in Australia, the management of water in your home can have a significant environmental impact, so a qualified plumber who helps with the management of rainwater and waste water on your property can help you in a number of ways to improve how ‘green’ your home is.

 Making use of roof water to ‘green’ your home

A qualified roof plumber will be able to help you to improve the environmental impact you and your family have by improving the way in which you manage water that comes from the roof. They can do this in several ways:

Installation of water tanks – If you install a rainwater tank on your property, you’ll be able to collect rain water coming off of the roof of your home. A plumber with experience in this will be able to advise you on the best piping and tanks to use so that you can get fresh water for drinking and for other uses in your home.

Plumbing of tanks to the home – After you’ve installed a rain water tank, an experienced plumber who has worked on roof plumbing can help you to green your home by connecting rainwater to use in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

Correct installation of downpipes – Another important role a plumber will undertake when plumbing the roof is to install downpipes for water disposal. If you wish to reduce your environmental footprint, but you’re unable to install a rainwater tank to reuse water, then it is important that thw runoff is directed to the appropriate water system. When excessive rainwater is directed into the sewerage system instead of the storm water system, this can overload sewerage works and cause pollution to get into waterways. A professional will be able to advise you on this to avoid that from happening.

Hiring a professional, experienced plumber means that you’ll be able to get the right advice about how to manage rain water and make good use of and to make your home ‘greener’. A roof plumber will also ensure the correct removal of rainwater from your property into the designated storm water system.

Get The Best Service With A Local Plumber

When you’re planning to do up your property or building a new home, chances are at some stage you’ll need a local plumber. In order to find the best plumber for the job at hand, it helps to know how to find someone with the expertise and experience you need to tackle the job at hand.

A good place to start is to find someone who is a professional with qualifications that reflect their expertise and who has been trained and licensed in the installation of internal and external water systems. The best plumbers are professionals who hold licenses from industry bodies which reflect their level of expertise and this is a sign that they can carry out the work you require to the highest standard.

 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plumber

In order to find the best plumber to do the job in your home, there are several good ways to find someone who will provide good service, as well as have the expertise you require to do the job well.

Word of mouth – To find a good local plumber who is known to provide great service, it pays to speak to family and friends to find out if they can recommend someone. Word of mouth can be a good way to find out what someone who has hired the plumber really thought of the services they provided. If you know someone who has recently had some plumbing done in their home, chances are they can recommend (or not!) someone and they’ll have a good insight into what level of service the plumber delivers.

Past experience – If you require some work that may be somewhat out of the ordinary, then it is a good idea to look for a plumber who has worked on a similar project before. Different jobs can call upon different past experience, so to be sure that your plumbing is done to the highest standard, look for someone who has previously done the type of work that needs doing.

local plumber Cairns Chris Phillips

local plumber Cairns Chris Phillips

Experienced plumbers – Another good place to start is to look for an experienced plumber. This is a plumber who is experienced, holds some form of industry accreditation and has been trained to the highest standard. Plumbers that are deemed to be master plumbers will take care to follow the correct procedures, have a thorough understanding of which equipment and tools to use and will install fixtures and fittings that adhere to industry standards set by the National Plumbing Associations Alliance (NPAA).

By taking a little extra time to seek out someone through word of mouth and by checking their experience and industry accreditation, you’ll find a quality local plumber with the experience you require who will deliver a high standard of service.