What To Look For When Choosing a Cairns Plumber

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Be Water Wise and Plumber Wise! Choose the best Cairns Plumber - Chris Phillips.

Whether you’re planning to renovate your home, extend your property or install a new drainage system, choosing a qualified Cairns plumber will ensure that the work gets carried out properly.


While most people will call a plumber for minor problems such as blocked sinks or leaking taps, a qualified plumber can do much more than that, and is trained and licensed in the installation of internal and external water systems.


To find the right plumber, it is important to look at their experience, expertise and qualifications to be confident that all the work you need is carried out safely and professionally.


Hints for finding a plumber


When looking for a professional Cairns plumber to complete the work you require, there are some key areas that you should consider to be certain the work will be done correctly.


  • Accreditation – A master plumber is an experienced, qualified tradesperson who has been trained to the highest standard. A plumber that holds the master plumber accreditation is licensed and understand the correct procedures to follow when carrying out a job. He knows which equipment, tools and materials to use to complete the job to the standards set by regulatory board, the National Plumbing Associations Alliance (NPAA).


  • Experience – Accreditation is only one aspect to completing a job well; the next thing to consider is experience. Different plumbing jobs require different experience, and if you want to be certain that the work is completed to a high standard, finding a plumber with expertise and experience will guarantee that the work will be done professionally.


  • Referrals – A good way to find an experienced, professional Cairns plumber is to speak with family and friends. If you know of someone who has recently had work done on their property, then they may be the ideal source of information when it comes to finding a qualified plumber. Word of mouth is likely to give you a much clearer idea of how the plumber will approach their work and the level of service that they can deliver.


Even if you know very little about plumbing, you can be confident that the work you require will be done well by following a few simple steps. Ask advice from people who you know and trust, weigh up the qualifications and expertise the plumber has and look for someone with relevant industry qualifications. With the right choice of Cairns plumber, you’ll be able to rely on the contractor to do the job well first time.